"I hate people like you!" - Piers Anthony (said to me at a book signing)
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Usually I would have a form in place here that would send me an email, but on this server, they block all outbound email (and force me to use their server, which I don't want to do). If you want to email me, then contact me on IM, and ask for an email address. Do not try to send to the email address I use on a mailing list.


I perfer to use some form of IM (instant messanger) to communicate, and this is the order I like them in best.

IRC: I'm on the EFnet irc network. Since they do not support nick (name) ownership, I could 'loose' my nick to someone else at any time. While this is not a problem right now, it was a problem once in the distant past, and could be a problem any time in the future as well. So, if you choose to contact me via EFnet, you might want to make sure it is really me you're talking to.

Other IMs: I get quite a bit of spam via IM now, so I wll put spaces between the letters of my ID in an effort to hinder the automatic spam bots. I do not limit messages to my buddy list, so just send your message, and if I'm here, I'll respond, and if not I'll respond when I'm back in front of the computer. And please make it perfectly clear you are not a spambot. I get so much IM spam now, I usually ignore anything that is not clearly human. In other words, if you just say "hi", expect to get no response from me. I use a (free) program that was called gaim but is now called pidgin, and it works with all of the following types of IM, and more.
ICQ: 1 5 4 5 1 4 9 2 5
YahooIM: w w j d _ j w s t f u
AIM: w w j d _ j w s t f u
MSN: well....I have an msn account, but won't put it here, since it is in the format of an email address. if you can figure it out, then use it, otherwise, contact me another way to get my MSN ID, if that is what you perfer to use.

if you are religious, don't ask what my user IDs stand for if you can't figure it out on your own.

Proud to be, 100% Micro$oft free