Regency M100 Scanner Notes

I have a Regency M100 scanner, it is a piece of shit, but I got it for free, so I can't complain too much.

Frequency Range (stock)
VHF Lo29.440 - 50.555
VHF Hi143.360 - 174.075
UHF Lo439.312 - 512.900

This scanner will go outside the regular frequency range. You can do this by entering a decimal as the first digit of your frequency. For example, to program a frequency of 53.645 Mhz you would press decimal-5-3-decimal-6-4-5 (.53.645).

Maximum Frequency Range
VHFLo 19.985 - 60.940
VHFHi 118.145 - 200.060
UHFLo 301.750 - 711.300

The scanner will let you enter frequencies that it can't recieve, if that happens the scanner will display "Poor F." I suspect that the VCO won't lock when the scanner hits a "poor" frequency. As you can see, my M100 will not receive too far outside of its normal range

MY M100 Max Frequency Range:
VHFLo 29.250 - 52.150
VHFHi 135.500 - 186.500
UHFLo 384.500 - 538.500