The EX-494 Frequency Programmer

for the following radios:

Someone was kind enough to send me the Programming/Cloning manual in PDF format, which covers the EX-494. I was told the file comes from Icom. You can download the manual here.
WOW, my programmer is in pretty bad shape. I traded a Motorola 800 MHz trunked radio for this, but it was in better shape 9 years ago. The big mark in the keypad was caused by a chemical reaction with the coating on the handles of a pair of (snap-on) pliers.
Since my keypad is in such bad shape I made a copy of it while I could still read it.
Here is what the programmer looks like without the covers removed. I probably should have gotten a picture of the keypad with the cover removed, but I didn't.
You could build your own programmer with just this picture. I've put a dashed line everywhere there is a connection through the one of the keypad buttons. The keypad is simply a 4X4 matrix of switches. I've put the name of the button in the middle of the 4 connections of each button.
Here is a close-up of the plug so you can see the profile of it. If you look closely then you may notice that red wire is pin 1. This plugs into the CPU in the face of the radio after it is removed from the body of the radio.
Here is an inside view of the face of my IC-U400 radio, showing where to plug in the EX-494 programming keypad. I made the small notch in the case near the plug so I could hook up the keypad while the radio is assembled. That is also why both of my connectors have a slght twist to them.
Here are the schematics that I made. Don't be fooled by the fact the the D1 line, and diode "D1" both have the same part number on them.